1. Competition Entry Forms must be completed and handed to the office prior to the advertised closing date together with any applicable entry fee.

2.Official Entry.   In all competitions, the players who play in the first game constitute the official entry.

3.Only complete teams can compete in competitions. Any member who has not paid their subscription by the due date will have their name deleted from all competitions and may not act as a substitute in any competition until their subscription has been paid. New members may enter a competition before the closing date, or as a substitute, provided they have paid their subscriptions.

4. Draw: All competitions will be drawn after the closing date and the dates and times entered into the diary by the Match Secretary.

5.Rinks will be drawn by the office staff prior to the time of the tie. When there are 6 or fewer ties to be played rinks will be drawn from rinks 2 to7. 

6     RESPOTTED JACKS - Burned Ends will be played in accordance with the latest SIBA Rules Year Book under SIBA Rules and Regulations 2018-2019 p77 – section 3 - see section 6.1 – 6.6 – of this document on RESPOTTED JACKS These rules will now apply to all SIBA league, cup and team games and all FIBC league and knock out games including inter club friendly matches as follows.

6.1   In the event of the jack being hit off the rink it will be replaced at one of two pre-defined white spots on the rink which are in line with the 2 metre T mark and half way between the centre line of the rink and the edge of the rink, before the next bowl is delivered or the end decided. If the jack is hit off the rink to the right it will be repositioned on the right white spot and so on. When the predefined spot is occupied, the jack will be repositioned at the nearest available position along the line between the predefined points and the centre line of the rink, but not touching an obstructing bowl.

          Note: The two white re-spots are in position either side of the 2 metre tee. The Yellow 3 metre tee and adjacent spots are for PBA Competitions and must not be used. 

6.2     The jack when hit into the ditch within the rink width will remain in play and not be repositioned.

6.3     Any bowl leaving the confines of the rink (except on delivery) and not a live toucher in the ditch will be deemed to be dead and immediately removed.

6.4     A Live rebounding jack, within the confines of the rink, but is less than a minimum of 20 metres from the mat, will be repositioned at the appropriate pre-defined spot.

6.5     Should the jack leave the confines of the rink behind the rear ditch then it will be respotted on the 2 metre mark.

6.6     In the event of a Dead End being created due to a function of the Laws of the Sport (such as Bowl Displacement) then the WIBC Laws of the Sport rules should be followed and will be played in same direction as originally played even if outwith the time limit.

 7.Ties:  All ties shall be played on or by the end of the date entered into the diary by the Match Secretary.

7.1     Ties may be re-arranged to a date and time prior to this date, subject to rink availability, and the new date and time entered into the diary by the office staff.

7.2     For Semi-finals and finals. Permission to rearrange the dates must be obtained from the Match Secretary so that umpire cover is arranged for these games. Where agreement cannot   be reached for the date and time of a match to be rearranged then the relevant Match Secretary will specify the date and time for the tie to be played.

7.3     Late time allowance for all K.O. competitions is 15 minutes. Players must be on the carpet to play on or before the 15 minute late time allowance has expired. The team late to arrive will forfeit the game and be deemed to have played in the competition, and therefore cannot return to the competition as a substitute. Anyone accommodating late teams by playing the tie after the time allowed will also be disqualified.

7.4     Ties conceded: If a tie is being conceded, written notice must be left at the office and their opponents notified. Under these circumstances opponents do not have to appear to claim the tie. Both parties will be responsible for their rink fees.

7.5     Player(s) who fail to turn up for their game and have not informed both the opposition and the office will be liable to pay their own and the opposition rink fees. They will also forfeit the tie and cannot return to the competition as a substitute.

7.6     Extensions: Every effort must be made to play the tie on or prior to the date specified. Extensions beyond this date will not be granted unless for an immediate family bereavement. For example, one player missing from a triple or four does not warrant an extension. Any team applying to the Match Secretary for an extension, must have consulted their opposition to obtain their agreement and to establish the earliest possible date when the tie can be played. If no agreement can be reached, the Match Secretary will require both teams to explain the reasons why the match could not be played prior to the closing date for the round and why an extensions date should be arranged. The Match Secretary will, after taking into consideration the information given, specify a date and time for the match to be played   The Match Secretary’s decision is final. It is the responsibility of the team requesting the extension to inform their opposition of the new date for the tie.

7.7     All ties up to the semi-finals will be of two hours duration.

7.8     All semi-finals and finals will be played over a four hour period as follows – Singles – 21 shots, Four Bowl Pairs – 21 ends, Triples – 18 ends. Rinks – 21 ends except the Two Bowl Pairs which will be played to completion. If level at the end of the four hours or the stipulated ends an extra end will be played.

7.9     All Senior Ladies competitions will be played over two hours. If level at the last end the 5th end rule will apply. At semi-finals and finals an extra end will be played if the score is level at the last end.

7.10   Singles rule is that when the 15 minute buzzer sounds finish the end in progress and play two more ends. An end has started once the jack has been delivered from a proper stance on a properly placed mat.


The Two Bowl pairs sets competition will be played under SIBA rules as per Year Book 2016-2017 p81 section 17 k) as follows :-

8.1     The game will consist of the best of two sets of nine ends per set. The winner of each set will be the team with the most shots at the completion of the 9th end. If at any point it becomes impossible for one player to draw or win the set given the number of ends remaining then no more bowls will be delivered and the set concluded.

8.2   If the shot scores are tied after the last end of a set, the set is drawn. If a match is tied (two drawn sets or one set each) after the two sets have been competed, a best of three ends match tie breaker will be played to determine the winner.

8.3      In the 3 end Tiebreak only the winner of the end will matter and not the number of shots scored.

8.4     Should the match Tiebreak still be tied after 3 ends (eg a No Shot has been scored) then a fourth end will be played to determine the outcome of the match.

8.5       The winner of the toss will have the choice of delivering the jack or playing the last bowl at the beginning of the first set only. The person who loses the toss will have the choice of delivering the jack or playing the last bowl at the beginning of the second set only.

8.6       A further toss will take place if the match moves to the 3 end Tiebreaker. The person winning this toss will have the choice of delivering the jack or playing the last bowl in the first and third ends. The person losing the toss will have the choice of delivering the jack or playing the last bowl in the second end.

8.7       Should a fourth end be required then a further toss will take place with the winner having the choice of delivering the jack or playing the last bowl in that end.

8.8     In all ends subsequent to the first in each set, the winner of the preceding scoring end shall deliver the jack. 

9        FERGUSON FOURS: The entry form for this competition will be posted on the Ladies notice board, and any applicable entry fee will be collected by the Match Secretary and handed to the office with a copy of the entries. The games will be 2 hours. For the Semi-finals and finals an extra end will be played if tied after 2 hours. Skips are drawn and the rest of the team must maintain their chosen position for all further rounds. A three against a four will be allowed in the first game only, if no other player is available. The triple will lose a quarter of their score.

10      MARGARET HENDERSON DRAWN TRIPLES. – As for the Ferguson Fours, except that there will be no three against a four.

11      FOUR HOUR SESSISONS: The cost of a four hour session will be 1.5 times the 2 hour rate, except for the singles and two bowl pairs which will be determined by the management committee. When a four hour session is scheduled during a league game, the rink may be drawn and the league team asked to move to the vacant rink.

12      SUBSTITUTES: All substitutes must be members of F.I.B.C. and not have played in the competition. A skip may bring a substitute if required. One substitute only is allowed for the pairs, two in the triples and fours. No further substitutes will be allowed. Substitute for bereavement: if the substitute plays only once, the original player may return to the game. If the substitute plays more than once, the substitute continues in the competition.

13      LATE START: If approval is given for a semi final or final to start later than the session time, it must be with the approval of the relevant Match Secretary, and the new start time must be registered in the diary beforehand. The tie must also finish within the four hour period, and if drawn at the end of the period an extra end will be played.

14      Dress Code: In Finals – grey regulation skirt, grey or black tailored trousers, white or sports blouse and white cardigan or club colours.

15      SCORE CARDS must be properly filled in and signed by the skip.

16      PLAYER UNABLE TO RESUME A GAME: If in the course of a competition game a player has to leave the green for any reason and is unable to resume, another eligible player (sub) will be allowed. If no player is available, the game will be resumed within 7 days, with the scores as they were when the game stopped.

17      GRIEVANCES: Any grievances must be submitted in writing to the Ladies Match Secretary, and if taken to the Ladies Committee, the Ladies Committee’s decision is final.

18      CHANGES TO RULES. Any changes to the rules will be decided by the Ladies Committee, approved by the Management Committee, and posted on the notice board. 

NOTE 1: The above rules must be read in conjunction with the Club General Rules. 

NOTE 2: The correct position for the jack on the tee is that the front face of the jack must align with the front face of the tee and on the centre line.