Ladies League Rules 2018                                                    Back

1        Teams must comprise a sponsor/team manager and registered players.

2        The team sponsor must enter his/her team sheet at the end of each season or advise the office if there is no entry for the next season. It is the responsibility of the team sponsor to ensure that all league games are played or paid for throughout the season.

3        Games must be played on the dates and times shown on the playing schedule.

4        Late time allowance for all leagues is 15 minutes and the game must end at the scheduled time.

5        Score cards must be properly filled in and signed.

6     RESPOTTED JACKS - Burned Ends will be played in accordance with the latest SIBA Rules Year Book under SIBA Rules and Regulations 2018-2019 p77 – section 3 - see section 6.1 – 6.6 – of this document on RESPOTTED JACKS These rules will now apply to all SIBA league, cup and team games and all FIBC league and knock out games including inter club friendly matches as follows.

6.1   In the event of the jack being hit off the rink it will be replaced at one of two pre-defined white spots on the rink which are in line with the 2 metre T mark and half way between the centre line of the rink and the edge of the rink, before the next bowl is delivered or the end decided. If the jack is hit off the rink to the right it will be repositioned on the right white spot and so on. When the predefined spot is occupied, the jack will be repositioned at the nearest available position along the line between the predefined points and the centre line of the rink, but not touching an obstructing bowl.

          Note: The two white re-spots are in position either side of the 2 metre tee. The Yellow 3 metre tee and adjacent spots are for PBA Competitions and must not be used. 

6.2     The jack when hit into the ditch within the rink width will remain in play and not be repositioned.

6.3     Any bowl leaving the confines of the rink (except on delivery) and not a live toucher in the ditch will be deemed to be dead and immediately removed.

6.4     A Live rebounding jack, within the confines of the rink, but is less than a minimum of 20 metres from the mat, will be repositioned at the appropriate pre-defined spot.

6.5     Should the jack leave the confines of the rink behind the rear ditch then it will be respotted on the 2 metre mark.

6.6     In the event of a Dead End being created due to a function of the Laws of the Sport (such as Bowl Displacement) then the WIBC Laws of the Sport rules should be followed and will be played in same direction as originally played even if outwith the time limit. 

7          Subscriptions Any member who has not paid their subscription by the 30th September will have their name deleted from all Leagues and may not act as a substitute in any league. The member will be so notified. The member may also not represent the Club until the subscription is paid. New Members may join a league after they have paid their subscription.

8        Teams who cannot play their game must inform their opponents and the office that they cannot play. The defaulting team may re-arrange the game subject to the opposition agreement provided it is played within 2 weeks.

9        If Both Teams agree not to play then neither team will receive any points or shots and each team will pay for their own rink fees.

10      Teams who fail to turn up for their game and have not informed the opposition and the office will be liable to pay their own and the opposition rink fees. Penalty: 2 points + 8 shots awarded to the opponents of a league team and 2 points and 9 shots to a triples.

10     Substitutes

10.1   Only One Substitute per team is allowed.

10.2   Substitutes may play in another team on the same day but not against their own team.

10.3   Teams may bring their own substitute

10.4   Two team members plus one substitute will constitute a team.

10.5   If a player arrives late and a substitute has started to play then the substitute must play for the full game.

11      The team with the highest number of points will win the trophy. If equal on points, shots up will count. If equal on points and shots the winner will be the team with the highest points and shots after the penultimate game.