The Management Committee has agreed that there will be no subscription fees due at this time. This will be reviewed in December 2020, with a view to half-season fees becoming due in January. The club will update members on this in due course.

Rink fees are £3 per person which books your place on a rink for up to 90 minutes of play, whether it be league or open play.

Card payments can be accepted at the bar upon entry. We have devised a bulk payment system – details below.

Cash can be taken but we urge you to have the correct monies.

Bulk payments, as mentioned above, can be taken at the bar to cover 10 games. If you are, for example, due to play at 12 noon on a Tuesday in the Gents B League but you fail to appear, one game will be deducted from your balance.

As previous, should you fail to appear for a league match, you will be charged for the no-show.