The Club A.G.M. will be held in the lounge on Wednesday the 7th of August  2019 at 7:30pm. All Ordinary Members have the right to vote at the meeting and are encouraged to attend. There must be  25  members attending to make up a quorum for the meeting to take place.


All Notices of Motion must be submitted to the Club Secretary by Wednesday the 10th of July (28days prior to the meeting)


The agenda and all of the relavent reports will be available in the Lounge 2 weeks prior to the meeting


Senior Gents Monday and Tuesday starting times 2019/2020 season


Senior Gents leagues on Mondays and Tuesday first period times will be 09:30 to 11:30 am to provide a 30 minute changeover period to allow spaces to be vacated ready for the incoming players for the 12 to 2 session.

Times are shown in the Whats On Diary