F.I.B.C. Guidelines following the COVID-19 lockdown

Full post-lockdown playing regulations can be found below. It is a lengthy document and will take around 15 minutes to read, but it is important that you take the time to read this.

There is also a link to President David Fairweather's Covid-19 Entry Procedures video to the left or bottom of the page, depending on which device you are using.

Main points:

  • 2 metre social distancing
  • Face masks must be worn throughout club, except when on the green. Masks and face shields are not permitted on their own
  • Take your temperature at both wall mounted thermometers and use provided hand gel
  • Pay your rink at the bar. Fees can be found under Membership
  • Follow the one-way system
  • No handshakes, fist bumps or elbow bumps
  • Make use of sanitising wipes at either end of the rinks
  • Touch only your own bowls, your own jack and your part of the mat
  • Spray chalk only
  • No measuring
  • Be considerate of others at all times


PUBLISHED 9th August 2020

UPDATED 12th October 2020 

Falkirk Indoor Bowling Club (F.I.B.C.) has carried out a risk assessment of the facility and put in play all reasonable conditions for return to play. We meet Scottish Government requirements and act within the guidance of the Scottish Indoor Bowling Association (S.I.B.A.).  Close attention will be paid to Scottish Government briefings and members will be notified of any changes to playing regulations. Please inform staff or Management Committee of any perceived inconsistency between our guidelines and those of the Scottish Government.

Responsibility for safety lies with each individual member and where they feel they are individually at risk they alone can decide if they should return to play.

You should also be mindful at all times of the staff and that they should be respected in the normal undertaking of their duties. Additionally, please be mindful and respectful of your fellow bowlers.

Social distancing is 2 metres within the club. Please be prepared to stand aside and respect the movement of others.

The club has increased its cleaning regime and has purchased a Microbuster Fogging Machine which will be used daily to sanitise the club, including the playing area. We have been assured that this has no negative effect on the surfaces/carpet, but will sanitise for a 24 hour period. We have also agreed with the cleaner to expand our cleaning regime and she will be in the club more often throughout the day to clean and sanitise.

Fans will be switched on to allow for ventilation to the outside and doors will be opened when possible to help ensure a supply of fresh air. This may cause a drop in temperature and members should wear suitable clothing to maintain comfortable conditions for playing.

Entering the club

Before entering the club, ensure you are wearing a face mask. Snoods and face shields are not permitted on their own. Face masks are available to purchase in the main foyer for 50p each, payable at the bar, should you have forgotten your mask. Use the sanitiser available outside the main door before pressing the call button to enter, and prior to opening the door.

Do not arrive more than 15 minutes ahead of your playing time to allow previous players time to leave.

You must take your temperature upon entering the foyer with the wall mounted contactless thermometer on the left hand side. Place your head within 2 inches and await the single beep with green flashes. You are then OK to proceed. If you receive a double beep with red flashing lights this indicates a high temperature. You must stand aside and seek advice.

Please re-sanitise your hands if you have been given the all-clear to enter the club. Proceed into the lounge and follow the one-way system to the bar. A second temperature check should be done at this point.

Payment and contact details for Track & Trace ONLY will be taken at the bar. Please see MEMBERSHIP menu for details on current rink fees and payment options.

Once you have paid your fee, move away from the bar and follow the one-way system towards the bottom end of the lounge before you proceed out to the playing area. Masks can only be removed after you step onto the playing surface.

Staff will offer a reduced catering service in the interim, including water for 40p per bottle and soft drinks for £1. Rinks will have a slip for ordering from the restaurant and staff will operate a table service throughout. There should be no need to return to the lounge.


There should be no handshakes, fist bumps or elbow bumps at any point of play in the current climate. You should only have contact with your own bowls. Bowls in the ditch should only be removed by their owner.

There are to be no more than 4 players on each rink.

When moving from one end to the other, players should pass down the right hand side, whilst being mindful of adjacent rinks.

If wearing a bowling glove, this should only be worn for bowling activity and should not be used before the start of each session and should be disinfected and/or washed after each session. Players should disinfect their equipment (bowls and shoes) after each session and either removed from the premises or returned to an individual locker.

Scorecards will be issued at the bar upon payment of the rink fee. Only the skip should handle the card, and they must ensure names are entered correctly on the card. Scorecards do not require to be signed at the present time, to avoid anyone other than the 'home' skip touching their card. At the end of the match, scorecards should be left in the box on the table as you exit next to the office. These will be collected by the Club Manager and recorded.

Only one skip should mark the electronic board and they should use the antiseptic wipes supplied at the end to sanitise all buttons that they have touched.

Each rink will have two mats and two jacks - one white and one yellow - which should all be sanitised with the provided wipes at the beginning and end of each game. The leads for each pair will be the only person to touch their jack and will only throw their jack. If you have not thrown your jack, then it should be carried to the other end once you have played your bowls.

One mat will be placed at either end of the rink. These will be colour coded to ensure that players only touch one part of that mat. Leads will lift one colour at the end of the mat and skips will lift one colour at the side of the mat. Red will be the home team on the card and blue will be the away team. Please see the appendices below for information on mat coding and movement around the club.

Currently, only the 3-metre 'T' should be used - this includes as a re-spot. The minimum 23-metre jack length is still required.

Touchers must only be marked with spray chalk, which is available for purchase from Steven Glen or from the bar for £3.

No shots are to be measured and where there is no reconciliation a met shot will be called.

Should bowl or jack markers be required for touchers or jacks in the ditch, please also sanitise them immediately after use with the supplied wipes.

No spectators are allowed at this time.

If the use of a toilet is required then members should use the one way system and once finished, re-sanitise and return to the playing area via the lounge. The outside doors to the toilets will remain open and members should avoid contact with these surfaces. Please ensure that you use discretion in and around this area to ensure privacy. Also it is the place within the club that is most likely to cause a pinch point and floor markings will help to ensure separation. If you should use the toilet at any time you must either exit the building via the disability ramp or via the stairs returning into the lounge. At no time should you back track via the short route back into the hall.

Exiting the Club

You should look to leave the facility within 15 minutes of the completion of your game. Exit via the door to the left of the office and continue straight ahead down the disabled access ramp. Hand sanitation is available outside the toilets on the top hallway.

Falkirk Indoor Bowling Club staff and management committee are responsible for the operations of the facilities and users must follow all reasonable instructions, in compliance with the preceding information. Should there be breaches of this procedure the Management Committee will in the first instance ask for behaviour to be amended. Continued breach may involve temporary or permanent exclusion.


Appendix 1


We urge our members to follow the most up to date advice provided by the NHS and Scottish Government. The latest NHS Guidance can be found at www.nhsinform.scot/illnesses-and-conditions/infections-and-poisoning/coronavirus-covid-19

The Scottish Government has asked people to remember the following acronym –

Face covering in enclosed spaces

Avoid crowded places 

Clean your hands and surfaces regularly

Two-metre social distancing

Self-isolate and book a test if you develop coronavirus symptoms

We encourage bowlers to walk, cycle or use private cars without car sharing to get to the club. Bowlers should avoid using crowded public transport where possible, particularly at peak times.

The Scottish Government is continuing to update their rules and guidance on where it is necessary to wear a face covering. At present this includes all enclosed public spaces such as public transport and shops and we anticipate this will apply to Indoor Bowling Centres. We await further instruction from the Scottish Government and sportscotland and will update our guidance accordingly.

All Indoor Bowlers should refer to guidance which is specific to their local Indoor Bowling Centre as this may vary due to individual facility provision and local authority restrictions.



Appendix 3 - Laying and lifting the mat

Avoid touching the mat other than indicated by colour

Home team on card = RED

Away team on card = BLUE




Appendix 4

Scottish Government Guidance for Face Coverings

Physical distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene are the most important and effective things we can all do to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The wearing of face coverings must not be used as an alternative to any of these other precautions.

There is evidence that face coverings have some additional value, especially in crowded and less well ventilated spaces, and where 2m distancing is not possible. 

In indoor places and where physical distancing is difficult and where there is a risk of contact within 2m with people who are not members of your household, you are expected to wear a face covering.

People must by law wear a face covering in shops, on public transport and public transport premises such as railway and bus stations and airports, and in certain other indoor public places.

There is no evidence to suggest there might be a benefit outdoors from wearing a face covering unless in a crowded situation.

What is a face covering?

A face covering can be a covering of any type, except a face shield, that covers the mouth and nose. It is recommended that it be made of cloth or other textiles and should be two, and preferably three layers thick, and through which you can breathe. Religious face coverings that cover the mouth and the nose count as face coverings for these purposes. Transparent face coverings which assist communication for those who rely on lip reading and facial expressions can also be worn.

Face shields may be used, but only if they are worn in addition to a face covering underneath, as the evidence shows that they do not provide adequate protection.

If you are unable to wear a face covering, a face visor or face shield can be worn as it does provide a limited level of protection.

Every time you apply or remove a covering, it is important that you wash or sanitise your hands first and avoid touching your face. When temporarily storing a face covering, such as in a pocket when moving between spaces, it should be placed in a washable bag or container and you should avoid placing it on surfaces, due to the possibility of contamination. After each use, you must wash the face covering at 60 degrees centigrade or in boiling water, or dispose of it safely

Scottish Government web link for the complete page – last updated 7th August 2020:




 Other sources of relevant information are in the table below –


Published By


Scotland’s route map through and out of the crisis

Scottish Government

Scotland’s route map through and out of the crisis.pdf

Latest coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance from NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government

NHS Scotland


Coronavirus in Scotland

Scottish Government


Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and resources




Indoor bowlers with a disability

Following guidance from our lead coaches and from the SIBA document, the section below is copied intact for the safety of our members including our disability members.

Indoor Bowlers with a disability and disability clubs should consider the following points:

  • Consideration needs to be given for physical distancing on the rink with wheelchair bowlers potentially positioned along the side of the rink as it may not be possible to have all players behind the head and following social distancing. If this is not possible, or preferable, reducing the numbers in each team is an alternative option
  • Wheelchair bowlers who require a “pusher” will be require to have support from a family member or approved carer until social distancing measures are relaxed
  • Visually Impaired bowlers who require physical contact to be able to navigate around the facility or participate in bowls, must have a family member or approved carer providing this service
  • Visually impaired bowlers who require someone in front of them for guidance on direction of play will need to follow distancing measures unless they are a household member or approved carer
  • Visually Impaired players using “strings” on the rink for play require to sanitise their hand after delivery of each bowl but preferably a mat should be provided at each end with a central V removed to avoid the requirement of “string” to be used. A small white marker set on the centre line and in front of the mat may be used provided it is set and removed by the same person.
  • Further guidance to follow on the use of face coverings for Indoor Bowling with deaf or hard of hearing players who rely on lip-reading and/or British Sign Language (BSL) eg transparent masks are being developed.
  • Additional consideration required on the access and sanitising of disabled toilets as in some circumstances Indoor Bowlers with a disability may need access more frequently.

Entry to the club for bowlers with a disability will be by the main entrance if they can manage the stairs as is the case for all other members. However, where entry is required by wheelchair or by ramp access this will be via the ramp as usual but must be guided to ensure that two metre distancing is maintained, particularly as the door opens into the foyer next to the toilets.  If anyone one is unable to use the main entrance and requires access through this entrance they must buzz for assistance before entering. 

Disability bowlers who use any support equipment like sticks or wheelchairs supplied by the club must ensure that they are sanitized at the end of their use. If they are unable to do this personally they must seek help to ensure that this is done before they exit the club.


Our restaurant provider has agreed to offer a restricted menu as we aim to get started again. This will initially be teas/coffees with hot and cold filled rolls, cakes, scones and biscuits. Slips will be provided on the tables at the end of the rinks and once completed the restaurant staff will collect and return your order to the table. Bottles of water and cans of juice can also be ordered here.    The club will trial limited restaurant facilities, for members, with social distancing in place.  This may involve being in the club for a slightly extended period and members must follow the required rules for movement and social distancing. Perspex screens are also in place to protect staff and members. You are encouraged to support our small business partner.