1         Guide Lines 

                                Version 1 of the FIBC Return to Indoor Bowling Guidelines Following the COVID-19 LOCKDOWN 

 issue 9th August 2020 can be viewed  by following the link below.

 "GO to Guide Lines"

               All members should have received a copy of this via email or by post. This document was compiled following a risk assessment of thefacility and follows the conditions set out by the Scottish Government together with the guidance of the Scottish Indoor Bowling Association (SIBA) and puts in place all reasonable conditions for return to play. Responsibility lies with each individual member to follow these guide lines to ensure that play may continue safely.

The System works very well and members who are still making their mind up should visit the club as soon as possible and be able to join or form  a team to play in the leagues which will start on Monday the 21st September.




         Ladies and Senior Gents Pairs Leagues will be set up on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. A bounce game will be played on Wednesdays. The start date has been delayed to Monday the 24th September so there is still time to join in and the leagues will continue through to Christmas. Playing times are limited to one and a half hours to allow a 30 minute period to sanitise the area before the next session.


Time 10 am to 11:am 12 to 1:30 pm
Monday Senior Gents Pairs Ladies Pairs
Tuesday Senior Gents Pairs Ladies Pairs
Wednesday Bounce Game Advance Booking Required
Thursday Senior Gents Pairs Ladies Pairs
Friday Senior Gents Pairs

Ladies Pairs every second Friday



A Maximum of 16 pairs teams can play in each session.


3       Rink Fees


         The Rink fee for the 1 1/2 hour session will be £3

         The Membership fee will be reviewed for 2021 for the period from January.


4        Catering           

The  Restaurant be open providing a restricted service as described in the guidelines. 


NOTE: Further Information will be accessed from this page as and when it becomes available.

eg Inter Club Leagues and  KO competitions etc.