Message from Kris Ritchie
Falkirk Christmas Pairs 
Like to thank Gus Blair for sponsoring the event it is most appreciated
And also to everyone who has donated raffle prizes already and would also be appreciated if anyone else from club could help towards the raffle 
Xmas Pairs draw 
Group A 9.30 start 
1. John Mackie 
2.Mark Philips 
3 Martin McCalley 
4 Ryan Mitchell 
Group B 9.30 start 
1.  Vikki leishman 
2. Kieran Georgeson 
3. Steven Allan 
4. Sean McBride 
Group c 9.30 start 
1. K Ritchie 
2.John Muir
3. Colin Glen
4. Gareth Crosbie 
Group D 9.30 start 
1. Andy Shaw
2.Stuart Hogg
3. Paul McAteer 
4. Gus Blair
Group E 10.30 start
1. Gordon Arbuckle 
2. Steven Laurie 
3. Gary Stirling 
4. John Mchutch
Group F 10.30 start
1. Colin Meikle 
2. Simon Thomson 
3. Chris Scott
4. Davie Davidson 
Group G 10.30 start
1. Lewis Betts
2. David Orr
3. D Cooper 
4. Gary Malcomson
Group H 10.30 start 
1. Ross Crawford 
2. Heather Wallace 
3. Bill Craigie 
4. Andrew Buchannan

Falkirk indoor News 16 11 18

Best of luck to V. Smith, E. Simpson, A. Bradford and P. Johnston against Paisley in the Ladies National Fours at Inverclyde on Saturday 17th November at 9:30 am. Similarly best of luck to C. McGready, C. Scott, S. Glen and S. Allan in the Gents National Fours at the same venue against Balbardie at 9:30 am.

Scottish Senior Nationals at Whiteinch on Sunday 11th November. Best of luck to Linda Crate in the ladies singles at 10am against Whiteinch and Ann Paterson and Seona Black in the ladies pairs at 2pm against Fintry.

The senior gents fours team of N. Bruce, N Lewis, L Ramsay and W Craigie play Cumbernauld at 10am.

Ladies and Gents Leagues on Saturday 10th November at 2pm - best of luck to the ladies who are at home to Fintry and to the gents who play away to Elgin.

MANY CONGRATULATIONS to Kimberley Dodds who has now also qualified for the semi-final of the Scottish National Junior Singles which is due to be played on the 5th January,2019 at Midlothian.This will cause the competition organisers and Kimberley a bit of a problem as she has also qualified for the Ladies National Two Bowl Pairs with Nicola Orr on the same day - see below.

Congratulations to Nicola Orr and Kimberley Dodds who have reached the semi-final stage of the National Two Bowl Pairs. The semi-final against Auchinleck will take place on Saturday 5th January,2019, at Midlothian.