Falkirk Indoor News 22/04/19

Congratulations to the Falkirk Indoor Bowling Team which won the Headwell Team Championship Final against East Fife by 8 points to two securing £400 in prize money for the club.The game was closer than the points score suggests. Had the East Fife ladies secured 3 shots at the last end instead of 1 all the teams would have had to play an extra end. Falkirk 83 East Fife 81.Match details - Falkirk players first and East fife skips only given - Senior gents -  A. Ness, G. Newby, J. Vallance, W. Craigie 29 J. McDougall 19. Mixed rink - C. Williamson, L. Crate, C. Scott, A. Penn 20 L. Stein 17. Ladies rink - V. Smith, A. Bradford, P. Johnston, S. Black 17 C. Smith 16. Gents rink - J. Cook, G. Stirling, C. Dodds, S. Thomson 17 A. Nimmo 29.

Ladies League Winners 2018/19 - Monday Fours Winner J. Smith , Runner - up P. Johnston. Tuesday Fours Winner A. Paul, R/up M. Burt. Thursday Fours Winner P. Johnston, R/ up H. McPhail. Friday Triples Winner J. Smith, R/up A. Bradford.

Senior Ladies KO competitions 2018/19 - Singles Winner S. Black,R/up M. Burt.Pairs Winners A. Paterson and S. Black, R/up A. Bradford and P. Johnston. Triples Winners V. Smith, H. Gillespie,M. Burt. R/up E. Sellars, C. Williamson, L. Crate.

Ladies Section Winners 2018/19 - Championship Singles Winner S. Craig , R/up K. Dodds. 2 Bowl Pairs Winners  A. Bradford and P. Johnston. R/up N. Orr and K. Dodds . 4 Bowl Pairs Winners N. Orr and K. Dodds. R/up S. Craig and L. Crate . Triples Winners S .Craig,A Bradford, P. Johnston, R/up – J. Smith, C. Williamson, L. Crate. Fours Winners V. Smith, E. Simpson, A. Bradford, P. Johnston. R/up - K. Dodds, A. Paterson,M. Burt, S. Black. Drawn Fours Winners E. Smith, M. Thomson, E. Simpson, P. Johnston. R/up B. McQueen, M. Alexander, V. Stewart, L. Crate.M H Triples Winners - B. McQueen, M. Thomson,P. Johnston. R/Up - C. Wraith, E. Smith, V. Stewart.

Mixed KO Competition Winners 2018/19 - Singles Winner W. Craigie, R/up D. Orr (Sen). Pairs Winners K. Dodds and R. Crawford, R/ up P. Johnston and W. Craigie. Triples Winners R. Crawford, K. Dodds, A. Penn. R/up B. McQueen, G. Meikle, K. Weatherspoon. Fours Winners J. Bell, A. Bradford, P. Johnston, G. Stirling. R/up R.  Crawford, S. Craig, K. Dodds, A. Penn.

Gents Section League Winners skips only for 2018/19 - Monday Triples Winner A. Ness, R/up T. Wands. Thursday Open Pairs Winner I. Donaldson, R/up S. Thomson.. Gents KO Competitions  2018/19 – Singles Championship Winner M. McCalley, R/up S. Allan. Match Secretary Singles Winner G. Hutchison, R/up I. Donaldson. Under 25s Winner C. Dodds, R/up J. Cook.2 Bowl Pairs Winners D. Couper and S. Allan and , R/up D. Taylor and G. Hutchison. 4 Bowl Pairs Winner's D. Couper and S. Allan. R/up J. Strickland and G. Flynn. Triples Winners G. Crosbie, K. Ritchie, D. Taylor. R/up C. McGready, S. Glen, S. Allan. Fours Winner's B. McArthur, G. Malcolmson, J. McHutchison, M. McCalley. R/up S. Donaldson, G. Crosbie, K. Ritchie, D. Couper.

Senior Gents League Results -  sponsors name only 2018/19 - Monday A Winner A. Dyet, R/up R. McCroary. Monday B Winner P. Mulrine, R/up J. Burt. Tuesday A Winner A. Dyet, R/up J.Martin. Tuesday B Winner R. Robertson., R/up A. Westwater. Thursday A Winner W. Craigie, R/up J. Penman. Thursday B Winner G. Bell, R/Up G. McKinnon. Friday Winner M. Graham, R/up R. Jones . The B league winners of The Charlie Brown Quaich were P. Mulrine,I. Scaife, W. Fleming, R. McFarlane, D. Marshall,G. Sneddon. R/up – R. Robertson, R. Scott, I. Mitchell, K. Welton, D. Orr, I. Graham. The A league winners of The William Scott Trophy were M. Graham, A. Ness, A. Coutts, A. Fletcher, D. Snow, A. Reid. R/up – W. Craigie,R. Reid,J. Burt, R. McCroary, I. Stewart, A. Ness.

At the presentation of prizes Provost Billy Buchanan presented the Falkirk District Trophy to the winners A. Foster, F. Smith, H. Harris. The Provost also presented “The Billy Buchanan Trophy” to the winner of the “Non singles winners competition” J. W. Miller. The runner up was G. Meikle. The Last Chance Trophy sponsored by David Watson was presented to the winning triples team of J. Thomson, A. Dyet, A. Keddie.Senior Gents KO Competitions 2018/19 - Senior Singles Championship Winner – A. Ness, Runner up – N. Lewis. Single Sets Winner – A. Ness, R/up – A. Coutts. The Walter Falconer Handicap Singles Winner – J. Thomson, R/up – S. Wardlaw. Four Bowl Pairs Winners’ N. Bruce and W. Craigie, R/up – A. Reid and J. Kilpatrick . Triples Winners’ N. Bruce, G. Newby and W. Craigie, R/up – R. McCroary, A. Reid and J. Nisbet. Fours Winners I. Henry, J. Paul, T. Wands, A. Keddie, R/up – N. Bruce,J. Thomson, N. Lewis and W. Craigie

Bill Craigie


Press Officer

Falkirk Indoor News 31/3/19

Senior Gents Top 6 Competition - congratulations to the Falkirk team on their victory over Alloa in the final of this competition which was hosted by East Fife Indoor Bowling Club.Falkirk players first - Singles - G. Newby 21 R. Goldie 5. Pairs - A. Ness & J. Vallance 10 H. Malciweic & W. Milne 21. Triples - N. Bruce, N. Lewis & W. Craigie 16 D. Hartley, C. Macleod & N. Kyle 10. Falkirk 4 points Alloa 2 points.The players would like to thank the senior gents who supported them throughout this competition.




Falkirk Indoor News 24/3/19

Ladies Section - unfortunately the ladies conceded their Scottish Cup quarter final tie against Glasgow.

Gents Henselite Scottish Cup Semi-final at Cumbernauld - the Falkirk gents got off to a poor start against West Lothian to find themselves 24 shots down after 20 ends played and in spite of gaining 57 shots to West Lothian’s 56 in the remaining 64 ends they were disappointingly defeated by 10 points to zero. Falkirk skips first -  S. Thomson 14 J. Spiers 22, S. Allan 16 N. Spiers 25, J. McHutchison 19 C. Moss 24, M. McCalley 19 C. Logan 20. Falkirk 68 West Lothian 91.Nevertheless despite this disappointing result the gents once again have had a very successful season by winning the Premier league B section, being runners up to Midlothian in the Scottish league final and of course reaching the semi-final of the Scottish Cup.In the other semi-final, which was played at Falkirk, Blantyre defeated Midlothian 8 points to 2.The final will be at Abbeyview on Saturday 6th April.

Headwell Team KO Competition - congratulations to the Falkirk team who defeated West Lothian by 8 points to 2 in the semi-final. Falkirk players first and West lothian skips only - Ladies rinks - V. Smith, A. Bradford, P. Johnston , S. Black 14 J. Sneddon 22.Mixed rinks - C. Williamson,H. Gillespie, R. Crawford, A. Penn 25 G. Sneddon 12. Gents rinks - J. Cook, G. Stirling, C. Dodds, S. Thomson 21 M. Allison 19. Senior gents rinks - A. Ness, N. Lewis, G. Newby, W. Craigie 21 D. Lawson 14.Falkirk 81 West Lothian 67.

Senior Gents AGM - this will be held at Falkirk Indoor bowling club on Tuesday 2nd April at 2pm.

Falkirk Indoor News 16/3/19

Ladies Section - Ladies Planet Grass Scottish Cup 2018/19 -  the Quarter Final  against Glasgow at Blantyre was postponed due to the bad weather.Congratulations to E. Smith, M. Thomson, E. Simpson and P. Johnston on their victory over B. McQueen, M. Alexander, V. Stewart and L. Crate in the Ferguson Fours Final.

Gents Section - congratulations to Martin McCalley and Steven Allan who were part of the Scottish team competing in the  BIIBC International Series  held at Falcon Indoor Bowling Club, Chelmsford, Essex.Scotland were victorious over Wales and Ireland and Martin and Steven were in winning rinks against both these countries.Unfortunately in the deciding match competing for the Hilton Trophy Scotland were defeated by only 5 shots against a strong England team who were winners for the 5th year running.The semi-finals of the Gents Henselite Scottish Cup 2018/19 are on Saturday 23rd March - Falkirk v West Lothian at Cumbernauld and Blantyre v Midlothian at Falkirk.On the domestic front congratulations to Gary Hutchison who defeated Iain Donaldson in the final of the Match Secretary’s Singles competition.

Senior Gents Central Scotland Top 6 Competition at Perth - congratulations to the Falkirk team who defeated East Lothian by 6 points to zero in the semi-final.Falkirk players first - Singles - G. Newby 21 D. Berwick 14. Pairs- A. Ness & A. Fletcher 20 J. Hamilton &  A. Burt 7.Triples - N. Bruce, N. Lewis & W. Craigie 19 B. Smith, T. Young & D. McGill 5. The final will take place at East Fife Indoor Bowling Club on Saturday 30th March at 2pm in which Falkirk will play Alloa who defeated Midlothian in the other semi-final. On the domestic front congratulations to “Stormin” Norman Lewis and Zander Ness on reaching the final of the Senior Singles Championship with wins in the semi-final over Ian Donaldson and defending champion Bill Craigie respectively.


Falkirk Indoor News 10/3/19

Ladies Section - once again congratulations to Kimberley Dodds who was part of the Scottish ladies team participating in the BIWIBC International series at Falcon Indoor Bowling Club in Chelmsford, Essex over the weekend. Kimberley who played lead in all three matches had wins over rinks from Wales and Ireland as did most of the Scottish team  but her rink along with some of the other Scottish rinks were unfortunately beaten in the last game against England who once again were the overall winners of the series and “The Clara Johns Trophy” with victories over all three countries . At domestic level congratulations to Violet Smith, Helen Gillespie and Margaret Burt on winning the Senior Ladies Triples against Elaine Sellars, Cathleen  Williamson and Linda Crate. In the Senior Pairs Final congratulations to Ann Paterson and Seona Black on their win over Alison Bradford and Pat Johnston.

Gents Henselite Scottish Cup 2018-2019 at Stirling - the Falkirk gents had to dig deep in their quarter final match against the West of Scotland emerging as winners in a keenly fought contest. Falkirk 6 West of Scotland 4. Falkirk skips first - M. McCalley 21 D. McMonagle 13, G. Flynn 16. G. McDougal 21, S. Allan 18 J. Ross 19, J. McHutchison 19 S. O’Donnell 15. Falkirk 74 West of Scotland 68.The semi-finals are on Saturday 23rd March - Falkirk v West Lothian at Cumbernauld and Blantyre v Midlothian at Falkirk.

Senior Gents Central Scotland Top 6 Competition - congratulations to the  gents who required at least 2 points to qualify for the semi-final knockout stage of this competition with an excellent draw away to Perth which gave them 3 points and enabled them to top their section above Lanarkshire and Perth.Perth names first  - Singles - G. McGregor 21 G. Newby 13. Pairs - D. Soutar and G. Lennon 12  A. Ness and A. Fletcher 12. Triples - I. Nicol, D. Brown and D. Lambert 8  N. Bruce, N. Lewis and W. Craigie 10. Perth 3 points and +6 shots. Falkirk 3 points and -6 shots.Falkirk now go into the draw for the semi-finals along with the other  “Robin” league  section winners - Alloa,East Lothian and Midlothian.The semi-finals will take place at Perth on Saturday 16th March at 2pm. On the domestic front congratulations to N. Bruce and W. Craigie on winning the senior four bowl pairs final against A. Reid and J. Kilpatrick.



Falkirk Indoor News 4/3/19

Ladies Section - many congratulations to Sandra Craig who became the Falkirk Ladies Indoor Champion for the third time at the club  with an excellent win over last years winner Kimberley Dodds. Congratulations to Pat Johnston’s team of Violet Smith, Emma Simpson and Alison Bradford on winning the Emslie Fours versus Seona Black’s team of Mary McGuire, Anne Paterson and Margaret Burt. In the Henderson Triples congratulations to B. McQueen, M. Thomson and P. Johnston on their victory over E. Smith, C. Wraith and V. Stewart in the final.

Gents Henselite Scottish Cup at Coatbridge - after the disappointment of last week in the Scottish League Final congratulations to the Falkirk gents on reaching the quarter final of the Scottish Cup with an excellent win over Paisley by 6 points to 4. Paisley 58 Falkirk 92. Paisley skips first - D. Horne 6 M. McCalley 30, D. Fisher 13 S. Thomson 30, C. Taggart 19 S. Allan 17, M. McLees 20 J. McHutchison 15.In the next round Falkirk take on The West of Scotland at Stirling on Saturday 9th March at 2pm.

Senior Gents Top 6 Competition - Home game result of Falkirk  v Perth - Falkirk names first  - G. Newby 19  G. McLean 16. A. Ness and A. Fletcher 15 D. Souter and J. Ewan 7. N.Bruce, N. Lewis and W. Craigie 11 I. Nicol, D. Brown and D. Lambert 12. Falkirk 4 points and plus 10 shots.Perth 2 points and minus 10 shots.


Falkirk Indoor News 24/2/19

Ladies Planet Grass Scottish Cup 2018/19 - congratulations to the Falkirk ladies who have reached the quarter final of this competition with an excellent win over Stirling at Glasgow Indoor. Falkirk skips first - L. Crate 24 M. Holden 11, M. Burt 20 S. Hardie 16, P. Johnston 23 R. Smith 14. Falkirk 67 shots and 8 points, Stirling 41 shots and 0 points.The ladies will play Glasgow at Blantyre in the next round at Blantyre on the 16th March.

Greengauge SIBA Scottish Gents League Final 2018/19  - in one of the highlights of the Scottish Indoor season congratulations to Midlothian who emerged as winners over a gallant Falkirk team who had dominated the match for most of the game. Falkirk got off to a dream start and were 12 shots up after 4 ends. They maintained their form over the next few ends and were 35-25 up  after 28 ends played.Midlothian had a really good spell and managed to whittle the lead down to 56 - 54 after 54 ends played.One of the more senior and experienced members of the Falkirk team Simon Thomson is probably right when he said “The turning point of the match most likely occurred when Martin McCalley was lying 5 shots and Graeme Archer playing his last bowl drove the jack into the ditch for 1 shot and with Steven Glen lying 5 shots Colin Walker drawing the shot with his last bowl.”After 57 ends the score was 57 all and it was all to play for in the last 27 ends.Both teams were playing at the top of their form but it was Midlothian who managed to edge ahead by 6 shots with only 4 ends to go and in spite of a great effort from the Falkirk players to get the shots back Midlothian were the victors by 12 shots. Falkirk 72 Midlothian 84.Falkirk skips first - M. McCalley 19 G. Archer 22, G. Flynn 21 D. Peacock 18, S. Allan 18 R. Duncan 22, S. Glen 14 C. Walker 22.Although the Falkirk gents will be bitterly disappointed they have still achieved a great deal this season and should be congratulated for winning their Premier league A section and finishing up as the second best team in Scotland this year. Being runners up in 3 of the last 4 years is no mean feat.They still have a chance of more honours as they are still competing in the Gents Henselite Scottish Cup 2018/19.Their next match is against Paisley at Coatbridge on Saturday 2nd March.


Falkirk Indoor News 17/2/19

Ladies Scottish Cup at Coatbridge - congratulations to the ladies who defeated Fintry 8 - 0 in the first round. Falkirk skips first - M. Burt 24 L. McGowan 18, P. Johnston 24 M. McGowan 16, L. Crate 19 V. Sneddon 13. Falkirk 67 Fintry 47.

Gents League Playoff Final 2018/19 - the Falkirk gents play Midlothian at Tweedbank on Saturday the 23rd February (12 noon). Falkirk were winners of the Premier league section A and  Midlothian were the winners of the Premier league section B. The Falkirk Gents have reached the final two times out of the last three years and the club are hoping that this time they will be third time lucky winners to take the trophy they most certainly deserve.

Senior Gents Top 6 Competition - the gents got off to a good start in this new format competition with an overall win against Lanarkshire.Away game result - Lanarkshire names first  - singles - H. Smith 21 G. Newby 13. Pairs - W. McEwan  and M. McParland 17  A. Ness and A. Fletcher 20. Triples - S. Syme,J. Fenwick and P. Jones 11 N. Bruce, N. Lewis and W. Craigie 11. Lanarkshire 3 points and +5 shots. Falkirk 3 points and -5 shots.Home game results - G. Newby 20 H. Smith 14. A. Ness and A. Fletcher 18 W. McEwan and S. Syme11. N.Bruce, N. Lewis and W. Craigie 4  G. Cadzow, J. Fenwick and P. Jones 20. Falkirk 4 points and -3 shots. Lanarkshire 2 points and +3 shots.The other club in the section is Perth who Falkirk play at home and away in the first week in March.


Falkirk Indoor News 10/2/19

British Isles Ladies Under 25 International Series at Belfast - congratulations to Kimberley Dodds who was part of the Scottish team which defeated Ireland and Wales and finished in second position overall to England who lifted the Acle trophy for the second successive year.

Gents Henselite Scottish Cup at Allander - congratulations to the Falkirk Gents on reaching the second round by defeating Dumbarton by 10 points to Nil.Falkirk skips first - S. Allan 25 R. O’Malley 10, G. Malcolmson 26 S. Hardie 10, J. McHutchison 21 M. Keenan 17, G. Flynn 17 B. Neeson 10. Falkirk 89 Dumbarton 47.The Gents now play Paisley in the next round on Saturday 2nd March - venue still to be announced.Senior Gents Scottish Knockout Cup at Balbardie - unfortunately the senior gents suffered a heavy defeat to a strong West Lothian team by 10 points to Nil. Falkirk skips first - P. Cunningham 8 D. Lawson 23, W. Craigie 11 A. Stenhouse 14, G. Newby 11 D. Wilson 17, A. Fletcher 14 G. Sneddon 21.Falkirk 44 West Lothian 75.


Falkirk Indoor News 4/2/19

Gents Premier A League - the gents  unbeaten run finally came to an end in the last league game of the season when they were narrowly defeated away to the West of Scotland 77-70. West of Scotland skips first - J. Ross 14 M. McCalley 15, S. O’Donnell 17 S. Allan 18, D. McMonagle 12 G. Flynn 19, G. McDougall 34 S. Glen 18. The gents now look forward to the final against Premier B league winners Midlothian at Tweedbank on Saturday the 23rd February at 12-4pm.Meanwhile they are looking forward to the next round of the Scottish Cup against Dumbarton at Allander on Saturday 9th February.

Team Championship KO - unfortunately Falkirk were beaten by 6 points to 2 by East Fife at Stirling Indoor in the second round (last 16).

Senior Gents KO Cup - the senior gents had an excellent victory over Teviotdale at West Lothian Indoor in the preliminary round. Falkirk skips first - G. Newby 25 J. Taylor 9, P. Cunningham 21 L. Clarkson 8, A. Fletcher 13 K. McCaffrey 12, W. Craigie 32 K. McCreadie 4.

Falkirk Indoor News 28/01/19

Ladies National Senior Singles 2018-19 - in spite of a good effort by Linda Crate she was defeated by Ella Prosser of Lanarkshire in the second round (last 16) at Whiteinch 21-17. Ladies National Senior Pairs 2018-19 -  at the same venue hard luck to Ann Paterson and Seona Black who were narrowly defeated by Lanarkshire in the second round (last 16) 12-10.

Gents Henselite Scottish Cup 2018-19 - congratulations to the Falkirk Gents who defeated East Fife at Abbeyview last Saturday in the preliminary round by 10 points to nil. Falkirk skips first - M. McCalley 27 J. Smith 15, G. Flynn 26 C. Smith 12, S. Glen 18 D. Corrie 13, J. McHutchison 30 J. Fernie 12.The gents will play Dumbarton at Allander in the next round on Saturday 9th February.

Under 35 Cup KO - hard luck to the Falkirk team who lost out to West Lothian in the last game.


Falkirk Indoor News 21/1/19

Ladies West Premier League - Fintry 60 Falkirk 48 - Fintry skips first -  L. McGowan 19 M. Burt 17, M. McGowan 17 P. Johnston 13, V. Sneddon 24 S. Black 18.

Gents Premier League -  the Falkirk Gents continued their unbeaten run with an excellent victory at home to  Elgin. Falkirk 112 Elgin 57 - Falkirk skips first - M. McCalley 49 N. Barker 7, J. McHutchison 23 M. Thomson 14, S. Glen 22 M. Junor 12, G. Flynn 18 G. Donaldson 24. The gents team play East Fife at Headwell on Saturday 26th January in the preliminary round of the Gents Henselite Scottish Cup.

Team KO Championship at Alloa -  congratulations to the Falkirk team who defeated Stirling in the first round round by 7 points to 1. Falkirk names given first and only Stirling skips names given  - Singles - G. Newby 21 C. Musik 5. Pairs - J. Clayson & C. McGready 19 D. McCormack 19. Triples - R. Crawford, K. Dodds & A. Penn 21 N. Solomon 7. Rinks - A. Ness, L. Crate G. Stirling & S. Black 24 J. Williams 10.

Falkirk Indoor News 14/1/19

Ladies West Premier League - another narrow loss for the Falkirk ladies.Falkirk 49 Glasgow 52.Falkirk skips first - S. Black 16 L. Cameron 17, P. Johnston 17 B. Easton 15, M. Burt 16 N. Docherty 20.

Gents Premier League - congratulations to the Falkirk Gents on a marvellous away victory against Lanarkshire which means they have won the league with two games to spare and are so far undefeated in the league. Lanarkshire 57 Falkirk 86. Lanarkshire skips first - R. Gordon 11 M. McCalley 21, P. Simpson 10 S. Allan 22, J. Simpson 28 G. Flynn 16, G. Neilson 8 S. Glen 27. The Falkirk Gents team will be playing in the final against either Midlothian or East Lothian at Tweedbank on Saturday 23rd February at 12 noon.

Team KO Championship at Stirling -  congratulations to the Falkirk team which defeated Balbardie in the preliminary round by 6 points to 2.Only  Falkirk names given - Singles - G. Newby 21 Balbardie 15 , Pairs - J. Clayson & C. McGready 22 Balbardie 16, Triples - R. Crawford, K. Dodds & A. Penn 15 Balbardie 16, Rinks - A. Ness, L. Crate G. Stirling & S. Black 26 Balbardie 19.

Senior Gents League - a disappointing home defeat to the East A league winners Alloa in the last game of the season which meant that the Falkirk Seniors finished in third place. Falkirk 56 Alloa 72.Falkirk skips first - P. Cunningham 15 R. Erskine 20, G. Newby 20 B. Rattray 10, A. Ness 10 J. Budge 22, W. Craigie 11 N. Kyle 20.

Falkirk Indoor News 6/1/19

Ladies Scottish National Finals at Midlothian - congratulations to Nicola Orr and Kimberley Dodds on reaching the semi-final stage of the Ladies Two Bowl Pairs in which they were unfortunately narrowly defeated by H. Smith and C. Johnston of Auchinleck - 6-6,6-8. On the same day Kimberley, who should be congratulated on reaching the Ladies Junior Singles Semi-final, was defeated by Carla Banks of Garioch 21-15.

Christmas Open Pairs at Falkirk Indoor on the 30th December,2018 - congratulations to Kris Ritchie who was instrumental in suggesting and organising this open pairs event with the able assistance of Zander Ness.The event, which was very kindly sponsored by Gus Blair,  was thoroughly enjoyed by all the participants. Congratulations to the pairs finalists Josh Jolley and Kris Storf and  Ian Donaldson and Steven Allan the latter pair being the ultimate winners.

Message from Kris Ritchie
Falkirk Christmas Pairs 
Like to thank Gus Blair for sponsoring the event it is most appreciated
And also to everyone who has donated raffle prizes already and would also be appreciated if anyone else from club could help towards the raffle 
Xmas Pairs draw 
Group A 9.30 start 
1. John Mackie 
2.Mark Philips 
3 Martin McCalley 
4 Ryan Mitchell 
Group B 9.30 start 
1.  Vikki leishman 
2. Kieran Georgeson 
3. Steven Allan 
4. Sean McBride 
Group c 9.30 start 
1. K Ritchie 
2.John Muir
3. Colin Glen
4. Gareth Crosbie 
Group D 9.30 start 
1. Andy Shaw
2.Stuart Hogg
3. Paul McAteer 
4. Gus Blair
Group E 10.30 start
1. Gordon Arbuckle 
2. Steven Laurie 
3. Gary Stirling 
4. John Mchutch
Group F 10.30 start
1. Colin Meikle 
2. Simon Thomson 
3. Chris Scott
4. Davie Davidson 
Group G 10.30 start
1. Lewis Betts
2. David Orr
3. D Cooper 
4. Gary Malcomson
Group H 10.30 start 
1. Ross Crawford 
2. Heather Wallace 
3. Bill Craigie 
4. Andrew Buchannan

Falkirk Indoor News 24/12/18

Ladies Nationals Pairs at West of Scotland - unfortunately the Falkirk duo of Ann Paterson and Seona Black were beaten 23 - 17 by West Lothian (Jennifer Richardson and Wendy Purdie) in the preliminary round.Gents National Pairs at West of Scotland - Martin McCalley and Steven Glen had a very good run by reaching the quarter finals in which they were narrowly defeated by West Lothian (Cameron Greer and Calum Logan) by 17 shots to 14. First round result - Falkirk 24 Blantyre (Greg McLaughlin & Stewart Anderson) 11.Second round - Falkirk 27 Ayr(Derek Lang & Paul Shields) 3.Senior Gents League - the seniors suffered a heavy defeat away to Stirling - Stirling skips first - D. McCormick  23 G. Newby 8, J. Binnie 34 W. Craigie 5, B. Stillie 21 I. Donaldson 12, P. Black 16 A. Fletcher 9.Stirling 94 Falkirk 34.

Falkirk Indoor News 16 12 18

Ladies Premier League  – Coatbridge 58 Falkirk 36 - Coatbridge skips first - M. Buchanan 22 P. Johnston 13, J. Kyle 16 S. Black 12, C. Condy 20 K. Dodds 11.

Gents Premier League - the gents continued their unbeaten run with a hard fought home victory over local rivals West Lothian. Falkirk 80 West Lothian 68. Falkirk skips first - M. McCalley 21 N. Spiers 13, S. Allan 14 J. Spiers 18, G. Flynn 22 C. Logan 21, S. Glen 23 C. Moss 16. Congratulations to Steven Allan and Martin McCalley  who will be part of the team to represent Scotland in the International series at Falcon IBC near Chelmsford from Thursday 14th to Saturday 16th March, 2019.

Senior Gents league – The senior gents had an excellent home victory against Fintry . Falkirk 84 Fintry 53 . Falkirk skips first - I. Stewart 25 S. Kelso 14, A. Fletcher 31, B. Cooke 4, G. Newby 16 D. Buchanan 13, P. Cunningham 12 M. Taylor 23.


Falkirk Indoor News 9 12 18

Congratulations to Kimberley Dodds who has been selected for the International Ladies Team which will represent Scotland at Falcon IBC near Chelmsford from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th March, 2019.

Ladies National Triples – well done to the Falkirk triples team of Sandra Craig,Alison Bradford and Pat Johnston who defeated West Lothian 15 - 13 at Abbeyview in the preliminary round but were unfortunately beaten by Glasgow in the next round 18 - 13.

Gents National Triples – very hard luck to the Falkirk triples team Ross Crawford, Alistair Penn and John McHutchison who were defeated by just one shot in the preliminary round by Berwickshire (19-18) at Abbeyview.

Congratulations to Steven Allan, Gary Hutchison, Martin McCalley and John McHutchison on being selected for the Gents International Trial to be played at Auchinleck on the 16th December.

Senior Gents league – The senior gents had a disappointing defeat away to East Fife . East Fife 79 Falkirk 52. East Fife skips first - I. Moir 19 A. Fletcher 19, J. Grieve 17 L. Ramsay 14, A. Hunter 19 G. Newby 7, T. Ford 24 P. Cunningham 12.

Would senior gents note that entries for the singles championship, triples and rinks have to be submitted by the 20th December.

Falkirk Indoor News 2 12 18

Ladies Section - congratulations to Kimberley Dodds on gaining selection for the SIBA Ladies Scottish Under 25 International team which will represent Scotland at the BIWIBC Under 25 International series to be held at Belfast IBC on the 9th and 10th February,2019. The team manager is Vicki Leishman who is a very accomplished indoor and outdoor bowler from Falkirk.Best of luck to Sandra Craig, Alison Bradford and Pat Johnston who compete against West Lothian  in the preliminary round of the Scottish Ladies National Triples at Abbeyview on Saturday 8th December, 9:30am .

Gents Premier League - another excellent victory for the gents away to Aberdeen. Aberdeen 63 Falkirk 85. Aberdeen skips first - S. Thomson 16 M. McCalley 25, E. Gallan 19 J. McHutchison 15, G. Forbes 13 G. Flynn 23, K. Purdie 15 S. Glen 22. Best of luck to Ross Crawford, Alistair Penn and John McHutchison who compete against Berwickshire in the preliminary round of the Scottish Gents National Triples at Abbeyview on Saturday 8th December, 9:30am.

Gents Senior Section East League - the senior gents team who were 20 odd shots down at one stage in this home game had a remarkable come back to win the match by just one shot.Falkirk skips first - W. Craigie 25 J. Wilson 4, G. Newby 8 A. Bernard 13, A. Fletcher 13 T. Hutchison 18, L. Ramsay 8 L. Kerr 13.Falkirk 56 Abbeyview 55.

Falkirk Indoor News 25 11 18

Ladies West Premier League - the ladies were defeated away to the West of Scotland 67- 48. West of Scotland skips first - R Sinclair 21 P Johnston 19, A Christie 30 K Dodds 13, A McCormick 16 S Black 16.

Gents Premier League - a superb win by the gents in a top of the table clash at home to the West of Scotland 89 - 66. Falkirk skips first - S Glen 18 G McDougall 19, S Allan 18 J Ross 22, G Flynn 25 S O'Donnell 14, M McCalley 28 G Gwynn 11.

Senior National Four Bowl Pairs  - Second round at Dumbarton - unfortunately Zander Ness and Jim Vallance were beaten 13-9 by Coatbridge who went on to qualify for the semi-finals.

Senior Gents League - an excellent away win for the senior gents. Headwell 54 Falkirk 63.Headwell skips first - D Waite 25 G Newby 6, I Harley15 L Ramsay 14, J Marshall 8 A Fletcher 20, E Cathcart 6 W Craigie 23.

Falkirk indoor News 19 11 18

Ladies and Gents National Fours at Inverclyde -  the ladies team of Violet Smith, Elizabeth Simpson, Alison Bradford and Pat Johnston were defeated by  Paisley in the preliminary round (26 - 16). The gents team of Chris McGready, Chris Scott, Steven Glen and Steven Allan had a good win against Balbardie in the preliminary round 24 - 11 but unfortunately lost to a strong East Lothian team of Jamie Higgins, Stuart Kennedy, Derek Oliver and Billy Mellors in the next round 19 - 16.

Falkirk Indoor News 12 11 18

Ladies West Premier League - the ladies had a narrow home victory against Fintry. Falkirk skips first - S Black 22 V Sneddon 18, M Burt 20 M McGowan 15, P Johnston 14 L McGowan 20 .Falkirk 56 Fintry 53.

Senior Ladies Nationals at Whiteinch - congratulations to Linda Crate who defeated the home based player Nancy Martin 21-20 in the first round. Linda plays Lanarkshire in the next round on Sunday 27th January at Whiteinch. Congratulations to Ann Paterson and Seona Black who have progressed to the second round in the ladies pairs after an excellent victory over Fintry (26-4).They will play Lanarkshire at Whiteinch on Sunday 27th January.

Gents Premier League - an excellent away win for the Gents at Elgin by just 4 shots keeping Falkirk joint top of the league on points but ahead on shots of West of Scotland who they play at home on Saturday 24th November. Elgin 77 Falkirk 81.Elgin skips first - M Thurston 13 M McCalley 29, G Donaldson 17 J McHutchison 17, M Junor 28 G Flynn 13, A Barker 19 S Glen 22.

Senior Gents League - Alloa were worthy winners in a top of the table match at home to Falkirk. Alloa skips first - J Budge 16 G Newby 10, B Rattray 20 A Fletcher 9, R Erskine 22 L Ramsay 12, N Kyle 23 W Craigie 6. Alloa 81 Falkirk 37. 

Senior Gents Nationals at Whiteinch - the fours team of N Bruce, N  Lewis, L Ramsay and W Craigie were beaten 15 - 11 by Cumbernauld In the preliminary round.




Falkirk Indoor News 4/11/18

Ladies ICL West Premier Division - Falkirk  sustained their first defeat of the season away to Glasgow by 68 shots to 50. Glasgow skips first - J Marshall 20 P Johnston 17, N Docherty 30 S Black 14, L Cameron 18 M Burt 19.

Ladies National Junior Singles at Falkirk - many congratulations to Kimberley Dodds who has reached the semi- final stage of this competition with excellent wins over Lindsay Petrie of Elgin (21-3), Ellie Borthwick of Midlothian (21-6) and Gemma Forrester of Abbeyview in the quarter final (21 - 14).Kimberley will play Eildh Weir of Alloa in the semi-final on Saturday 5th January,2019 at Midlothian.

Gents National Junior Singles at Falkirk - unfortunately Jack Cook was beaten 21 - 12 by Jack Small of Abbeyview in the preliminary round.

Senior Gents League - the seniors had a very good home win against Stirling 58 - 45 which puts them equal on points with top of the table Alloa who they play away from home in their next game. Falkirk skips first - P Cunningham 17 B Stillie 10, A Fletcher 15 I Gillies 14, G Newby 12 P Black 10, W Craigie 14 D McCormick 11.

On Sunday the 28th October the club hosted the touring Thornaby Indoor Bowling club from the Middlesbrough area  in a friendly match which was enjoyed by all.

Falkirk Indoor News 29/10/18

Ladies National Singles at Glasgow Indoor - Kimberly Dodds got off to a great start  by defeating Margaret Ronald of Paisley in the first round 21 - 7.In the second round Kimberly had a convincing win 21 -9  against Morag Jones of Dundee which took her into the quarter final versus Melanie Darroch of Elgin.Although Kimberly had built up a substantial lead Melanie fought back to make the score 19 all. Unfortunately Kimberly, needing one shot to win the match, was beaten 21 - 20 by Melanie who picked up a 2 at what turned out to be the last end.

Gents Premier League - another good result for the gents with a home win over Lanarkshire which maintains their position at top of the league with a shots advantage over second place West of Scotland. Falkirk 85 Lanarkshire 68. Falkirk skips first - S Allan 29 R Grant 13, S Glen 17 R Gordon 21, M McCalley 28 S Hume 14, G Flynn 11 J Simpson 20. Scottish Masters at Glasgow Indoor - Unfortunately Martin McCalley lost in a tie break against Jason Banks of Garioch in the last 16.The finalists in this competition are Keiran Clinton of East Kilbride and Colin Walker of Midlothian.

Senior Gents - an excellent away win against Fintry puts the Falkirk team into 2nd place in the league.Fintry 56 Falkirk 65. Fintry skips first - R Newlands 17 G Newby 15, B Cooke 15 W Craigie 9, D Buchanan 8 L Ramsay 21, A Sneddon 16 A Fletcher 20.Senior Nationals - congratulations to Zander Ness and Jim Vallance who have progressed to the last 16 of the Four Bowl Pairs at Dumbarton with wins over Glasgow (15-13) and Allander (17-14).At the same venue  Bill Craigie defeated Cowal in the Singles but lost in the next round to home player Brian Neeson of Dumbarton. At Allander the triples team of Norman Bruce,Ian Donaldson and George Newby lost to Alloa in the preliminary round (14-8).

Falkirk Indoor News 21/10/18

Ladies League - Another good win for the ladies at home to Coatbridge 64 - 59.Falkirk skips first - M Burt 23 J Kyle 21, P Johnston 18 C Condy 16 and S Black 23 M Buchanan 22.

National Ladies Two Bowl Pairs - congratulations to Nicola Orr and Kimberly Dodds who have progressed to the semi final by defeating Allander in the first round,Whiteinch in the second round and West of Scotland in the quarter final which went to a tie break at Whiteinch Indoor Bowling club. They will play Auchinleck in the semi final on the 5th January,2019. Here’s hoping that Kimberly maintains her winning ways in the National ladies singles at Glasgow Indoor on Saturday 27th October at 12 noon.

Gents Premier League - a hard fought battle but nevertheless a well deserved away win for the gents against local rivals West Lothian . West Lothian 82 Falkirk 88. West Lothian skips first - N Spiers 18 G Flynn 26, C Moss 18 M McCalley 19, M Allison 16 S Allan 31, J Spiers 30 S Glen 12.

National Gents Two Bowl Pairs  - unfortunately Darren Cooper and Steven Allan were beaten  in a tie break in the first round by Cowal at Whiteinch.

Senior Gents League - an excellent home win for the seniors against East Fife who had been undefeated in their first 3 games of the season. Falkirk 79 East Fife 53. Falkirk skips first - G Newby 13 T Ford 24, A Fletcher 38 A Hunter 4, L Ramsay 15 J Grieve 13, W Craigie 13 I Moir 12. Scottish Senior Nationals - best of luck to A Ness and J Vallance in the 4 Bowl Pairs and W Craigie in the singles.They play  at Dumbarton on Sunday  28th October at 10am and similarly to N Bruce, I Donaldson and G Newby who play  in the Senior National Triples at Allander on the same day at 10am.

Falkirk Indoor News 14/10/18

Gents Premier A League - the gents made a good start to the season with an excellent win at home to Aberdeen. Falkirk skips first - G Flynn 20 S Thomson 17, S Allan 26 K Pirie 10, M McCalley 25 G Forbes 11, S Glen 18 A Thomson 22. Falkirk 89 Aberdeen 60. The next game for the gents is away to West Lothian on Saturday 20th October. On the same date the ladies are at home to Coatbridge.

Senior Gents League - Abbeyview 76 Falkirk 49. Abbeyview skips first - A Bernard 13 A Fletcher 16, L Kerr 24 L Ramsay 11, J Morrison 14 G Newby 14, J Wilson 25 W Craigie 8. Back up team R Brown 15 J Nisbet 12.


Falkirk Indoor News 7/10/18

Ladies - Scottish West  League  -  Premier Division  - the Falkirk ladies had a marvellous win against West of Scotland. They were 6 down with one end to go and  Seona Black got a six,Margaret Burt a two  and Pat Johnston a one to win by 65 shots to 62. Falkirk skips first - S Black 19 A McCormack 30, M Burt 25 A Christie 15, P Johnston 21 R Sinclair 17.Ladies Scottish Masters at Ardrossan - Congratulations to Kimberly Dodds who defeated Lorna Cameron of Glasgow by 2 sets to 1 to reach the semi-final against Carla Banks of Inverurie who defeated Kimberly by 2 sets to nil.

Gents  National Singles at Ardrossan - Congratulations to Steven Glen who got to the last 16 by defeating Thomas Clark  Jr of Whiteinch 21 -10. Unfortunately  Steven lost to Graeme Forsyth of Berwickshire in the next round 21-17.

Senior Gents - the senior gents had a good start to the season with a fine win at home against Headwell. Falkirk 80 Headwell 50.Falkirk skips first - G Newby 13 R McGlauchlin 10,  L Ramsay 19 J Marshall 16, A Fletcher 26 D Waite 7, W Craigie 22  E Cathcart 17.