The Board room is used for the regular meetings of the Management Committee and the sub committees. All of our trophies are held there in a display cabinet. A portrait of the current president and all of the past presidents are displayed on the wall.

When not required by the Committee the Board Room is available for hire by companies or groups who need a place for meetings or small conferences. facilities eg projectors etc are not however available at present.

The Board room can accommodate about 16 people.




The Lounge


The lounge can also be made available for some functions  for example refreshments following a funeral.  The Restaurant  provides meals and snacks throughout  the season September to April and provides an excellent Christmas dinner menu in December. The catering staff will be pleased to provide a quote for your requirements.  Christmas lunches is another example.






 Anyone interested please contact the Office Manager :


Tel 01324 638417

or by email     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.