Indoor bowlers with a disability

Following guidance from our lead coaches and from the SIBA document, the section below is copied intact for the safety of our members including our disability members.

Indoor Bowlers with a disability and disability clubs should consider the following points:

  • Consideration needs to be given for physical distancing on the rink with wheelchair bowlers potentially positioned along the side of the rink as it may not be possible to have all players behind the head and following social distancing. If this is not possible, or preferable, reducing the numbers in each team is an alternative option
  • Wheelchair bowlers who require a “pusher” will be require to have support from a family member or approved carer until social distancing measures are relaxed
  • Visually Impaired bowlers who require physical contact to be able to navigate around the facility or participate in bowls, must have a family member or approved carer providing this service
  • Visually impaired bowlers who require someone in front of them for guidance on direction of play will need to follow distancing measures unless they are a household member or approved carer
  • Visually Impaired players using “strings” on the rink for play require to sanitise their hand after delivery of each bowl but preferably a mat should be provided at each end with a central V removed to avoid the requirement of “string” to be used. A small white marker set on the centre line and in front of the mat may be used provided it is set and removed by the same person.
  • Further guidance to follow on the use of face coverings for Indoor Bowling with deaf or hard of hearing players who rely on lip-reading and/or British Sign Language (BSL) eg transparent masks are being developed.
  • Additional consideration required on the access and sanitising of disabled toilets as in some circumstances Indoor Bowlers with a disability may need access more frequently.

Entry to the club for bowlers with a disability will be by the main entrance if they can manage the stairs as is the case for all other members. However, where entry is required by wheelchair or by ramp access this will be via the ramp as usual but must be guided to ensure that two metre distancing is maintained, particularly as the door opens into the foyer next to the toilets.  If anyone one is unable to use the main entrance and requires access through this entrance they must buzz for assistance before entering. 

Disability bowlers who use any support equipment like sticks or wheelchairs supplied by the club must ensure that they are sanitized at the end of their use. If they are unable to do this personally they must seek help to ensure that this is done before they exit the club.

Sports Disability Scotland

Here at Falkirk we provide facilities and support for the Physically Disabled, Visually Impaired and for those with learning difficulties. Our head Coach is the National Coach for the Scottish blind Bowlers,  Head Coach to Scottish Disability Sports. The Blind bowlers from the Central Scotland area play here regularly and have done extremely well in both National and International competitions.

Through out the year, coaching is provided on Tuesdays and Thursdays for those with learning difficulties. Scottish Disability Sport use the facility as the training base for their Elite and Development squad of players. The Forth Valley Disability Sports Group  hold regular come and try taster days at the club.

We own  wheel chairs suitable for use on the carpet and it is available for use by members and visitors. 

disabled bowls Wheel Chair

The Ramp Entrance is on the right just past the main entrance and to gain entry contact the office via the black dotted call button on the speaker panel on the wall to the right of the main entrance door. Contact the Office staff via the push button on the speaker at the Main Entrance door and they will unlock the door.

falkirk bowling disabled ramp
We also have a portable ramp for access on the playing surface. 

All of our coaches are fully qualified and are enhanced disclosure checked to work with Vulnerable groups and are on hand to provide training.

Coaching for those with learning difficulties

Ron McArthur is our Head Coach and he set the coaching programme for those with learning difficulties and this programme has given a lot of pleasure to those who participate.

disabled bowling coaching