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Falkirk Indoor News 3/12/17

Ladies league – Coatbridge 95 Falkirk 49. Coatbridge skips first – T. Bruin 27 M. Burt 12, C. Condy 21 S. Black 10, M. Buchanan 27 P. Johnston 15, J. Kyle 20 K. Dodds 12.

Ladies Nationals - best of luck to the ladies triples team of Kimberly Dodds, Myra Flynn and Nicola Orr who play Alloa at Bainfield on Saturday 9th December at 14:00pm.

Gents League –an excellent home win for the Gents against West Lothian. Falkirk 85 West Lothian 72. Falkirk skips first –J. McHutchison 11 M. Allison 21, G. Flynn 23 C. Logan 14, S. Allan 21 N. Spiers 21, S. Glen 30 J. Spiers 16.

Gents Nationals - best of luck to the gents triples team of Chris McCready ,Steven Allan and Steven Glen who play Tweedbank at Bainfield on Saturday 9th December at 9:30 pm. Congratulations to Steven Allan and  Martin McCalley  who have been selected for the Gents National Team which will participate in the Internationals at Paisley on Thursday 15th to Saturday 17th March, 2018.Commiserations to Gary Hutchison and John McHutchison who played in the trial. 

Senior Gents League – Headwell 51 Falkirk 88 – Headwell skips first – J. Marshall 17 W. Craigie 23, D. Waite 11 L. Ramsay 20, J. Kerr 9 A. Fletcher 21, I. Harley 14 G. Newby 24. The senior gents are away to East Fife on the 13th December.




Falkirk Indoor News 25/11/17

Ladies league – Falkirk 95 Whiteinch 67. Falkirk skips first – M. Burt 29 N. Martin 17, S. Black 21 C. Condy 17, K. Dodds 15 L. Welsh 16, P. Johnston 30 E. Brown 17. With this excellent home win the ladies are now top of their league. Congratulations to Kimberly Dodds who has been selected for the Scottish Ladies Team which will participate in the Internationals at Paisley on the weekend of 9th to 11th March. Gents League – an excellent away win for the Gents against Ardrossan. Ardrossan 58 Falkirk 91. Ardrossan skips first – S. Wilson 16 S. Glen 21, M. Williamson 16 M. McCalley 28, D. O’Rourke 13 J. McHutchison 22, J. Carswell 13 G. Flynn 20. On Saturday 2nd December the gents are at home to West Lothian and the ladies are away to Coatbridge.

Senior Gents National Playdowns at Coatbridge – Congratulations to the Fours team of A. Ness, A. Fletcher, G. Newby and J. Vallance(skip) who have progressed to the second round in which they will play against Alloa at Coatbridge at 10am on Sunday 14th January. Preliminary round – Falkirk 29 Glasgow 9. First round – Falkirk 20 Cumbernauld 12. On Wednesday 29th November the senior gents play away against Headwell in the league.






Falkirk Indoor News 19/11/17

Ladies and Gents National Playdowns at Whiteinch –  The ladies team of V. Smith, E. Simpson, A. Bradford and P. Johnston(skip) lost in the first round 21 – 16 to East Kilbride having been 16 -15 down with only a few ends to go. The gents team of C. Scott, R. Crawford, J. McHutchison and A. Fletcher (skip) had better luck and won their first round against Paisley 19 – 15 but unfortunately were beaten in the next round by Headwell 22 – 15.Congratulations to Margaret Burt who won the FIBC Senior Ladies Singles final against Pat Johnston by 16 shots to 13. On Saturday 25th November the Ladies are at home to Whiteinch and the Gents are away to Ardrossan in the leagues. Senior Gents National Playdowns – best of luck to the fours team of A. Ness, A. Fletcher, G. Newby and J. Vallance(skip) who play against Glasgow at Coatbridge at 10am on Sunday 26th November. Senior Gents East League – Falkirk 64 Alloa 56 – Falkirk skips first – P. Cunningham 11 B. Rattray 17, W. Craigie 15 J. Budge 16, G. Newby 17 A. Deas 13, A. Fletcher 21 C. Walker 10.The Senior Gents are away to Headwell in the league on Wednesday 29th November.




Falkirk Indoor News 13/11/17

Ladies West Premier Division league – Glasgow 60 Falkirk 72 – Glasgow skips first – J. Marshall 21 P. Johnston 14, A. Beastop 12 S. Black 23, L. Cameron 10 K. Dodds 17, H. Docherty 17 M. Burt 18.Falkirk Indoor Bowling Club hosted the Senior Ladies Singles and Pairs National Championships last weekend. Ladies President Mary McGuire would like to thank all those who helped on the day.Congratulations to Falkirk’s Seona Black in the singles and Margaret Bradbury and Mary McGuire in the pairs who have reached the second round which will be played on 14th January,2018 at East Lothian . Singles - Preliminary Round – Soena Black(Falkirk)WO Headwell Scr ,1st Rd S. Black 21 Abbeyview 18. Pairs – Preliminary Rd - Falkirk 20 East Fife 18,1st Rd Falkirk 16 East Lothian 15.Gents Premier B League – Falkirk 97 Elgin 60 – Falkirk skips first – G. Flynn 25 A. Wylie 13 , S. Glen 24 N. Barker 13, G. Hutchison 17 A. Barker 19,J. McHutchison 31 M. Junor 15 . Senior Gents East League – Falkirk 56 Stirling 49 – Falkirk skips first – G. Newby 13 D. McCormack 14, P. Cunningham 19 I. Gillies 14, A. Fletcher 13 B. Stillie 11, W. Craigie 11 P. Black 10. Senior Gents Nationals at Coatbridge – Congratulations and commiserations to G. Newby , A. Ness & J. Vallance , L. Ramsay, W. Craigie and A. Fletcher who reached but were knocked out in the quarter finals. Singles – 2nd Rd G. Newby (Falkirk) 21 Alloa 6, QF – Allander 21 Falkirk 11. Pairs – 2nd Rd A. Ness & J. Vallance (Falkirk) 17 Stirling 10, QF - Falkirk 14 West of Scotland 15. Triples – 2nd Rd L. Ramsay, W. Craigie & A. Fletcher (Falkirk) 19 Cumbernauld 7, QF Falkirk 8 Coatbridge 12.



Falkirk Indoor News 5/11/17

Ladies  Junior National Singles at Abbeyview – 1st Rd – Kimberly Dodds (Falkirk) 21 Balbardie 3, 2nd Rd – K. Dodds 15 A. Comrie(East Fife) 21. Gents Junior National Singles also at Abbeyview - an excellent performance from Craig Dodds who reached the quarter final. 1st Rd - C. Dodds (Falkirk) 21 Arbroath 14,2nd Rd – C. Dodds 21 S. Ford (Balbardie) 9, QF – C. Dodds 7 C. Milne (Turriff) 21. This weekend the gents are at home to Elgin and the ladies are away to Glasgow. Senior Gents East League – Fintry 49 Falkirk 70 – Fintry skips first –  D. Buchanan 20 G. Newby 10, S. Kelso 11 A. Fletcher 18, P. Cunningham 12 M. Taylor 12, B. Cooke 6 W. Craigie 30.This coming Wednesday the senior gents play Stirling at home.



Falkirk Indoor News 30/10/17

Falkirk Indoor Bowling Club hosted the Ladies Singles National Championships and the second stage of the Gents Scottish Masters 2017-18 over the weekend. Falkirk Ladies President Mary McGuire  and Club President John Stewart would like to thank everyone who helped with the organisation including the marking of ties and boards etc.  Ladies  Singles  – an excellent performance  from Falkirk’s  Sandra Craig who reached the quarter finals. First Round - Sandra Craig(Falkirk)21  Janet Watson (Stirling) 14,2nd Round S. Craig 21 M. Simmons (Auchinleck) 20,Quarter Final S. Craig 14 L. Craig 21.The semi-finals and final, to be played at Blantyre on the 6th and 7th January, are between Caroline Brown  and Emma McIntyre  both of Blantyre and Lorraine Craig of Balbardie and Lesley Doig of East Fife. Gents Scottish Masters – Falkirk player Steven Allan was unfortunately knocked out in the tie break of the first round by Stewart Anderson of Blantyre by 2 sets to 1 in an excellent match. The finalists Darren Weir of Prestwick and Graeme Donaldson of Elgin will play at Perth on Friday 10th November at 10am.Gents Premier B League – Paisley 81 Falkirk 70 – Paisley skips first – D. Moffat 17 S. Allan 18, C. Taggart 30 J. McHutchison 7, G. Wiggins 19 G. Flynn 14, G. Sloan 15 S. Glen 31. In the leagues this weekend the gents are at home to Elgin and the ladies are away to Glasgow. Senior Gents East League – Falkirk 71 East Fife 75 – Falkirk skips first – G. Newby 14 I. Moir 24, A. Fletcher 14 T. Ford 16, L. Ramsay 20 R. Allan 27, W. Craigie 23 A. Hunter 8.The Senior Gents section also enjoyed a friendly match away to East Kilbride last week. The next friendly is away to Cumbernauld on the 15th November. - Best of luck to the Dodds family this weekend as both sister and brother are representing  Falkirk in the Scottish National Junior Singles Playdowns at Abbeyview. Kimberly plays against Balbardie  on Sunday 5th November at 10am and Craig  plays against Stuart Farmer of Arbroath on Saturday the 4th November  at 2pm .



Falkirk Indoor News 22/10/17

Ladies West Premier Division League – Falkirk 79 West of Scotland 78.75 – Falkirk skips first – M. Flynn 21 H. Mason 12.75 (Actual result 17 less one quarter of their score as they only had 3 players in their rink) , M. Burt 29 M. Blanchflower 13, K. Dodds 16 R. Sinclair 30, P. Johnston 13 H. Torrance 23. Gents Premier B League – East Lothian 85 Falkirk 66 – East Lothian skips first - B. Mellors 29 S. Allan 10, D. Oliver 26 G. Flynn 21, A. Marshall 22 J. McHutchison 15, S. Kennedy 8 S. Glen 20. Senior Gents East League – Abbeyview 65 Falkirk 64 – Abbeyview skips first –D. Lawson 22 L. Ramsay 7, J. Wilson 23 A. Fletcher 24, T. Hutchison 10 G. Newby 22, R.Downie 10 W. Craigie 11.Ladies National 2 Bowl Pairs Sets – Preliminary round – Nicola Orr & Kimberly Dodds 1 Dumbarton 2. Gents National 2 Bowl Pairs – congratulations to Gary Smith and Steven Allan who have reached the final stages of the competition by defeating Whiteinch, Glasgow and Allander without dropping a set. They play Andrew Barker and Mike Stepney of Elgin on Saturday 6th January at Blantyre in the semi-final.




Falkirk Indoor News 16/10/17

Ladies West Premier Division League – Falkirk 70 Coatbridge 81 – Falkirk skips first – S. Black 20 T. Bruin 14, P. Johnston 16 M. Buchanan 17, M. Burt 12 C. Condy 31, K. Dodds 22 J. Kyle 19. Gents Premier B League – West Lothian 78 Falkirk 69 – West Lothian skips first - J. Spiers 27 S. Glen 17, M. Allison 15 J. McHutchison 17, N. Spiers 11 G. Flynn 21, C. Logan 25 S. Allan 14 . Senior Gents East League – Falkirk 68 Headwell 47 – Falkirk skips first – G. Newby 17 D. Waite 8, W. Craigie 14 I. Harley 10, A. Fletcher 16 J. Marshall 18, L. Ramsay 21 J. Kerr 11.Senior Gents Nationals played at Cumbernauld– Singles 1st Rd – G.Newby (Falkirk) 21 J. Condy (Whiteinch) 12. Four Bowl Pairs – Preliminary Rd - A. Ness & J. Vallance (Falkirk) 21 Glasgow 9, 1st Rd – A. Ness & J. Vallance 28 Fintry 14. This means at senior level FIBC will be represented in the 2nd Rd of the Singles, Pairs and Triples at Coatbridge on Sunday 12th November at 10am.




Falkirk Indoor News 10/10/17
Ladies League - West Premier Division - A good away win for the Falkirk ladies in their first game of the season - WHITEINCH  69 FALKIRK 95. Whiteinch skips first - N. Martin 15 S. Black19,  L. Welsh 24 P. Johnston 26, E. Brown 16 M. Burt. 23, C. Condy 14 K. Dodds 27. The ladies have a home game versus Coatbridge and the gents start off their season with an away game against West Lothian this Saturday (14th October,2pm). The senior singles (at 2pm) and 4 bowl pairs players (at 10am)  are playing in the Scottish Nationals on Sunday 15th October at Cumbernauld and the senior triples (at 2pm) at Allander.


Falkirk Indoor News 2/10/2017

Senior Gents League – Alloa 67 Falkirk 51. Alloa skips first – A. Deas 13 G. Newby 14, C. Walker 20 J. Vallance 12, B. Rattray 13 A. Fletcher 16, J. Budge 21 W. Craigie 9.


Falkirk Indoor News 24/09/2017

Congratulations to the Falkirk Gents Team on winning the “Team of the Year Award” at the third annual SIBA (Scottish Indoor Bowling Association) Awards Dinner 2017 held at Glasgow Indoor Bowling Club last Saturday. The gents thoroughly deserved this award as last season they not only won their Premier League section and were runners up to East Lothian in the Scottish Gents League Cup but went on to win the Scottish Knockout Cup for the first time in the club’s history.



Falkirk Indoor News 18/09/17

Would bowlers and potential new members please note that coaching at Falkirk Indoor Bowling club will take place every Sunday 6 to 8pm at a cost of £1.50 per person starting on Sunday 24th September. Bowls and shoes are available if required. At the recent annual conference of the SDS (Scottish Disability Sport) President John Stewart of Falkirk Indoor Bowling Club was presented with an award from the SDS for the Falkirk club’s continued excellent promotion of bowls for all disabilities.


Information for Senior Gents on first week of winter season - 11th September,2017

A note from your Senior President, Match Secretary and Press officer Bill Craigie .

I hope that you have all enjoyed the summer such as it was and trust that you are looking forward to a good season indoors.

I am sure you will have noticed that there has been a significant amount of work done in the stadium with regard to decoration of the lounge and around the arena including the murals and hope that you agree with me that it is looking great. These improvements are down to a number of members who have dedicated themselves to the club over the summer months .They are John Stewart, Adrian Dyet, George Newby, John Burt, and Bert Hopkins who has also been working on the website. If I have left anyone out please accept my apologies. I am sure that their hard work will be much appreciated by you the members.

In terms of the bowling season we have decided to run the leagues from September to December and then start a fresh league from January to April with the same teams in every league. The play offs will be based on the results of the latter league from Jan to April. Prize money will be split between the two leagues. Relegation and promotion will only be from the results of the second league run from Jan to April and in order to even up the leagues we will be looking at relegating up to 4 teams from the A league with up to 2 teams being promoted from the B league depending on the overall entries for that season.

A copy of the rules for Respotting the jack, which will apply to all games played to SIBA rules, are on the Seniors board and also on the tables at the end of the rinks. Essentially there will be no burnt ends and the jack will be placed on spots provided at each end of the rink as outlined in rules. Try to remember not to kick bowls away if the jack is displaced off the rink.

Could I remind you that our first friendly is against East Kilbride at home on the 20th September 12- 2pm. Anyone interested in playing should put their name on the sheet at the seniors board asap.

Also there is a sheet on the board with players who are being considered for the senior team pool. Would the players concerned please indicate whether they are available for selection and indeed if anyone whose name has not been included and would like to be considered please add their name as appropriate.

We have a friendly for the senior team pool arranged for Wednesday 20th September away to West Lothian.

Entries for the Handicap singles, Single sets and 4 bowl pairs are required by the 10th October.

Entries for Singles Championship, Triples and Rinks are required by the 20th December.

Lastly - Minutes of senior meetings will be posted on the seniors board.


Falkirk Indoor News 21/08/2017

SDS/SIBA National "Come and Try Bowls Day" Saturday 16th September, 12-4pm.

Scottish Disability Sports (SDS) and Scottish Indoor Bowling Association (SIBA) will for the first time cooperate in hosting a joint National development day using 9 of the existing SDS Para bowls hubs throughout the country one of which is Falkirk Indoor Bowling Club (FIBC). The SDS – SIBA – BS (Bowls Scotland) invites all clubs indoor and outdoor interested in taking part to ask for a poster. The aim is to invite people with and without a disability to a taster session from 12-4pm in the case of Falkirk Indoor Club, at which there will be coaches to run the event. Bowls and shoes as well as equipment for those with mobility issues will be provided by the club if required. If successful it will become an annual event, the day being intended for all people, as bowls is a 100% inclusive sport to which all are welcome. If anyone is interested in participating all they have to do is come along to Falkirk Indoor Bowling club on the day which will be free of charge.

Would existing and new members please note that the Indoor season starts on Monday 11th September. Would Senior Gents please note that the first friendly of the season is on the 20th September at home to East Kilbride and the Senior team pool have a friendly away to West Lothian on the same day. In addition please note that the PBA (Professional Bowls Association)World Singles and Pairs Qualifiers for Potters will be played at Falkirk Indoor bowling Club over the weekend of Saturday/Sunday 2nd and 3rd September at which many of the top bowlers in the country will be participating.


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