Anyone may apply for membership. Applications may be obtained from the office and must be proposed and seconded by two members then submitted complete with the Subscription and Card Key entry charge and is subject to approval by the Management Committee.

Memberships.The membership consists of: -

a.       Ordinary Member.

An Ordinary Member is one who has paid an entrance fee and the current subscription. Only Ordinary Members shall have the right to vote at General meetings and to serve on the Committee of Management.

b.       Junior Member.

A Junior Member is one who is aged over 9 but under 16 before 30th September and who has paid the appropriate entrance fee and the current subscription

c.        House Member.

A House Member is one who presently does not play bowls whether temporarily or permanently and who has paid a restricted annual subscription. This category is available on a yearly basis from 1st September.

d.        Honorary Member.

An Honorary Member is one who has rendered distinguished services to the Club and is not liable for payment of the annual subscription.

e.        Temporary Member.

A Temporary Member is one where when bowlers from any Club or Association are participating in any authorised match or competition then as a means of promoting the game of bowls any Member or Official of these Clubs or Associations spectating at the green will be treated as Temporary Members. A Members husband or wife shall have the standing of a Temporary Member.

Non Members: Non members are welcome subject to rinks being available.


We also have a thriving bridge club who meet every Monday and Tuesday evening from 7pm to 10:30pm. Contact the Bridge Club to become a member.


The Club is affiliated to the Scottish Indoor Bowling Association. This allows the Club to take part in the Scottish League and Cup competitions and Members who qualify may take part in the National knockout and Team Championship Competitions.