1          GENERAL SAFETY..

Members shall comply with safety notices and instructions displayed in the stadium.

Handbags must be placed under chairs or on the top of tables.

Children under 12 years of age are restricted to the lounge except when playing under supervision or in organised club competitions. This is a safety measure to prevent injury from stray bowls or jacks when players strike or play running bowls.

Prams are restricted to the foyer and the lounge area.


2          FIRE SAFETY

Members should make themselves aware of the evacuation procedures in the event of a fire. Notices are displayed in the stadium.

The muster point is in the car park at the front of the building.


3          BOWLS SAFETY

Bowls must be carried to the rink of play.

When striking, members must warn not only players on their own and adjoining rinks but also spectators at the end of the rinks.

Practice striking will normally be allowed on rinks 7 and 8 AWAY FROM THE OFFICE END ONLY and warning notices positioned at the end of the rink to advise other members that striking practice is taking place. There must be adequate cover to fend stray bowls or the jack from entering the adjacent rinks. The warning notices will be available from the office.

Players are prohibited from firing in the direction of the lounge and office unless they are playing in an official league or knockout competition.

Members are warned that they may be personally liable for any accidents or damage they may cause if they do not follow the above safety precautions.

Members are warned that they may be personally liable for any accidents or damage they may cause if they do not comply with the above safety precautions.


4          KEY FOBS

            Members will be issued with a key fob to provide entry to the stadium and therefore are responsible to ensure that they have a valid fob in working order and use it at all times to gain entry. Damaged and lost fobs must be replaced and will be available from the office staff at a cost decided by the management committee. It is the office staff responsibility to release the door lock for visitors only. Members are expected to use their fob at all times. Members failing to use their fob on a regular basis will be reported to the management committee.


5          DRESS CODE

Smart attire must be worn at all times. Jeans may be worn whilst playing on the green. (Ripped jeans are not classed as smart attire). Examples of inappropriate dress are: - rugby or football jerseys.

For all Club semi-finals and finals: -

a           Gents: - grey or black trousers, white polo shirt, white collared shirt and tie, white pullover if worn, club coloured shirts.

b          Ladies: - grey regulation skirt, grey or black tailored trousers, white or sports blouse and white cardigan if worn, club colours.

c           Bowling shoes may be any approved bowling shoe.

d          SIBA approved bowling shoes.

Failure to comply will result in the withdrawal of the right to play.

When representing the Club in SIBA competitions the dress code is as per SIBA rules.


6          CHANGING ROOM

            All visitors and members who do not have a locker in the stadium playing area must change in the main changing room. Bowling bags must be left in the changing room. Members with a locker in the stadium playing area may change their shoes at their locker and use the coat racks provided for their outdoor clothing. The exception to this rule is for the safety and the supervision of vulnerable adults and children who may change in the corner of the lounge adjacent to the bar.

Bowling bags must not be left in the stadium. Bags will be collected every Friday and stored in the loft.

Clothing left in the Club will be kept for three months and if not claimed, disposed of. Bowls left by former members and not claimed after one year will also be disposed of.


7          CLUB FIXTURES   All Club fixtures and games allocated to the Club by the SIBA or the PBA take priority.


8          BURNED ENDS will be played in accordance with the latest SIBA Rules.



If a substitute is required for National or Team Championships the substitute must have played in the qualifying competitions at club level .See also section rules for substitutes



All members, representing the club in leagues and National Competitions, must comply with the current laws for the stamping of bowls.



Bounce games will be organised on Wednesdays 10am – 12pm, Fridays 10am – 12pm and at times designated by the Management Committee.

The book will close 10 minutes prior to the start of the game.

Some Wednesday Bounce games may start early and finish at 11am allowing the Seniors Inter Club leagues to start at 11am.


12        CASUAL GAMES

Rinks may be booked in advance provided that the full rink fee is paid.

If a rink is available members may come and play on spec and the individual rink fee will be charged. Note that other members can join them if all the other rinks are being used.

Members may also play for 1 hour on this basis at a reduced cost.


13        BUZZER  

Leagues, Competitions and Bounce games: The buzzer will sound 15 minutes before the end of play. Players must finish the end in progress and play one more in all games except for singles competitions. An end has started once the jack has been delivered from a proper stance on a properly placed mat.

For singles competitions the rule is to finish the end in progress and play two more ends.


14        RINK FEES:            

Rink fees must be paid before play begins either at the office or at the bar after 6:30pm and at weekends when the office is unmanned.

Any individual or team that fails to appear for a game and does not notify the office or their opponents are responsible for their own and the rink fees due by the opposition.


15        RUNNING ON CARPET                       There shall be no running on the carpet.


16        OIL OR GLYCERINE: Oil, glycerine or similar substance may only be applied on bowls and hands at the locker area.


17        All mobile phones must be switched off in the playing area.


18        Members are not allowed to receive personal phone calls in the office. Important messages will be taken and passed on.


19        PARCELS etc. may not be left in the office for collection by a third party.


20        THE USE OF OBSCENE LANGUAGE will result in suspension and possible exclusion from the club.


21        SMOKING INCLUDING ’E’ CIGARETTES is not permitted in any part of the building. Fire doors must not be used to go outside to smoke.


22        CHEWING GUM must be wrapped in paper and disposed of in a sensible manner.


23        ONLY FOOD AND DRINK PURCHASED IN THE PREMISES can be consumed in the premises. Food and drink may only be consumed at the lounge end of the stadium or in the lounge/cafeteria except when the committee designate an area in the playing area where food may be consumed during specific Club and National Competitions.