Management Committee

The club is managed on behalf of the members by a Management Committee elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting which is held annually on the last Sunday in July. The Committee consists of a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President Past President and nine committee members.

The Management Committee meets every two to three weeks during the season.

There are four Sub Sections: Ladies Gents, Senior Gents and Juniors, each with their own committees and they have the responsibility to manage the leagues and competitions appropriate to their sections. Regular and annual meetings are held by each section. At least one member of each section is also a member of the Management Committee as this ensures continuity of the policy of the Club.


The club is affiliated to the SIBA and a Lady and Gents Delegate from the Management Committee attend their meetings on behalf of the club to ensure that our voice is heard regarding any issue that affect our club and the sport in general.

Office Staff

The Office Staff provide the general day to day support.


The Club Qualified Coaches organise and run coaching classes for new members, novices and the more advanced members during the week and at weekends. Classes will be advertised under ‘Forthcoming Events’ and in the local press. All of our coaches are fully qualified in all aspects of the task.

Our coaches are: Ron McArthur, Tom Russell, David Orr and Peter Cunningham