CSA Rules


RULES for Top 6 Team Competition 2018 

1   The top 6 team will consist of a singles, pairs and triples. It is a Club Competition therefore players will be selected by the club. 

2   Rinks are to be provided by host clubs without cost to the players.  The date and times of games will be determined by the hosting Club. 

3   Games will be played between January and April. Games will be played at neutral venues specified in the Playing Schedule. Each club will be asked to provide 3 rinks, date and time for the tie. Players will not play on their home green except in the semi-final or final. 

4   Team selection may be revised after each round at the clubs discretion. 

5   Postponements will be allowed only for adverse weather conditions. 

6   Matches up to the semi-finals to be played over 2 hours with no trial ends; timing of end of game would be normal procedure of host club. 

6.1   Re-Spotting the Jack - This is now as per the S I B A changes dated 26th September 2017.

             Singles game to be first to 21 shots, or time;  Pairs and Triples to be 14 ends or time. 

7   For the semi-finals and finals, the singles will play first to 21 shots , the Pairs 17 ends and the Triples 15 ends. Two trial ends will be allowed in Semi-final and Final.   

                               Time allowed for Semi-finals and Final until finished. 

8   Two points will be awarded for a win and one for a draw. In the event of a draw the result will be decided on shots then if the match is still drawn the winner of the singles rink will determine the result. If the match is still drawn then the singles will play another end to determine the result. 

9   The first named team must have RED stickers, the second BLUE 

10   Dress would be grey and white or SIBA approved Club Coloured shirt, grey, brown, black  or white shoes. 

11   Host Clubs must provide an umpire and marker and advise the result to the Secretary


                                                 Up dated   16th October 2017.